Sleep Medicine

More than 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep is essential for physical and mental renewal, and long-term sleep difficulties can lead to serious medical problems. Brownwood Regional Medical Center’s sleep medicine doctors, sleep technologists and other clinicians are dedicated to helping you get a good night’s sleep. We offer diagnostic and treatment services for a wide range of sleep disorders.

If some or all of these situations apply to you, it may be worth your while to consult one of our professionals:

  • I have been told that I snore.
  • I have been told that I stop breathing when I sleep, though I have no recollection of it.
  • I am always sleepy during the day even though I sleep throughout the night.
  • I have high blood pressure.
  • I have been told that I sleep restlessly. I am always “tossing” and “turning.”
  • I tend to sweat extensively during my sleep.
  • I frequently awaken with headaches.
  • I tend to fall asleep in inappropriate situations.
  • Others and/or I have noticed a recent change in my personality.
  • I am overweight.